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Red-eyed tree frogBrown-hooded parrotSplendid Leaf FrogBroad-billed motmotWhite-spotted Cochran frogCollared aracariKnight anoleFleischmann´s glass frogTreasury Island tree frogFile-eared tree frogAnolis GarmaniRain forest pathBanded knob-tailed geckoPapilio palinurusEmerald glass frogBothriechis supraciliarisArenal VolcanoRed-eyed tree frogMission golden-eyed tree frogOrange-chinned parakeetBarred leaf frogRed-eyed tree frogLimon Giant Glass FrogRed-eyed tree frogEmerald glass frogRed-eyed treefrogEmerald glass frogBarred leaf frogSpiny-headed tree frogSnowflake Blue White´s Tree FrogAntilles pinktoe tarantulaBlue Poison Dart FrogKnob-tailed geckoHeyFrom one to anotherWhite-spotted Cochran frogEyelash viperOrange HarvestmanWhite-tipped sicklebillEmerald glass frogAtrophaneura semperiEmerald glass frogNephurus amyaeEugenes spectabilisIn the Same DirectionOn FlowerNight SnackOn ShoreTiny and CuteColors in NatureGreen WorldSweet NectarBeautyGreen Gem of Costa RicaWater CoveredGlass FrogHummingbird with curved beakPapilio palinurusBlue butterflyCosta Rica Montane PitviperCosta Rica Montane PitviperGreta OtoTalamancaMr GreenGem of Foggy ForestFor the sweet nectarBanana SnackLoud climberLoud climberLoud climberBanana SnackHide and SeekIn the spotlightClimber